900 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza a trial by fire for FoCo

Around the perimeter of Colorado State University’s campus stand at least four different pizza places: Celestino’s, Krazy Karl’s, Pizza Casbah and Pudge Bros. Pizza. All of these pizza places offer something unique and different, whether it is specialty pizza, cheap food or pizza by the slice.

Beyond these four are even more. So much so, that to try each slice would be a time, money and health commitment that ultimately feels insurmountable.


Bruschetta from 900 Degree Wood Fired Pizza, the restaurant recently opened and is located at 111 W. Prospect Rd.
Bruschetta from 900 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza. The restaurant recently opened and is located at 111 W. Prospect Rd. (Photo credit: Lawrence Lam)

With so many already in the pizza game in Fort Collins, new restaurant 900 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza has a lot to live up to if it plans to compete with the restaurants that have already become a staple for CSU students.

Located on the southwest corner of Prospect Road and College Avenue, 900 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza does exactly what its name implies: pizza cooked for 150 seconds in a 900-degree oven.

The end result of this inferno is something new, delicious and most importantly, refreshing. The selection of pizza ranges from a classic four-cheese slice or BBQ Chipotle Chicken to a fantastic lemon chicken and potato pizza with a creamy white base.

All ingredients are fresh, and, when briefly exposed to high temperatures, allow for an experience no other pizza place can properly replicate. If the other pizza places in town are number one in cheapness, late-night specialties and enormous portions of food, 900 Degrees is number one in class.

Although it isn’t the cheapest place around, it also is a reasonable price for the quality you receive. The restaurant offers a lunch special that gives half of an 11-inch pizza and drink for about $8.

Alongside pizza, the restaurant has salad, appetizers – such as a fresh bruschetta – pasta and dessert options like chocolate strawberries and key lime pie.

Despite being brand new, the restaurant does not lack in quality of food or service. The only underwhelming experience is the barren walls, odd picture choices and ambiance that fails to find its footing in comparison to the wonderful food. The restaurant would benefit from the addition of TVs, or anything else that would make the restaurant a better draw for college students to make the voyage over Prospect.

In comparison to the other pizza places they compete with, 900 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza provides a unique experience, offering quality food at a fair price. Although it may seem like there is enough pizza for Fort Collins, 900 Degrees completely disproves the notion.

The restaurant is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. at 111 W. Prospect Rd.

Collegian Senior Reporter Skyler Leonard Can be reached at news@collegian.com.