Take evals seriously

That time of year is upon us. No, not finals. This is when we get the chance to tell that professor what we really think of them, and spend an inordinate amount of time filling in bubbles that don’t contribute to a grade. It’s professor evaluation time.

The University takes these seriously, and professors, believe it or not, actually look over them to see the feedback that they’ve gotten. Unfortunately, students don’t always take them equally as seriously.


Evaluations are meant for professors to know what they can improve on, and what they’re doing that is on the right track. But, many students don’t take them seriously unless a professor is either really good, or really awful, and we want to tell them all about it.

A lot of this is the fault of the time in which they are administered; many professors choose to hand them out at the end of class, and students, stunned with the possibility of escaping into the sunshine early, fly through the digits and don’t give a second thought to the question. And, the space meant for you to write your thoughts? Forget about it — we have no time for that.

But, we encourage you to take the time and really think about how you felt during the semester. If not for you, then for the students who will follow you into that classroom with that professor. If you want evaluationss to make a difference, take them seriously. Your professors and fellow Rams will thank you.