Respect the new MAX system

After years of building and planning, the MAX Transit System began its run Saturday.

We’ve already seen the massive, unfamiliar green beast travel up and down Mason numerous times throughout the semester, but the testing phase is over. The MAX Transit System of Fort Collins has finally arrived.

Before MAX is demoted to a mindless daily routine for students, let’s stop and realize just how lucky we are to have access to this resource. MAX is free for CSU students with an I.D. and runs from Harmony Road north to Laporte Avenue. That is over three miles of free transportation for CSU students, and a solid mode of alternative transportation for the city of Fort Collins as a whole.


With that in mind, remember that this great resource is a privilege for us Rams and we do not own the MAX Transit System. Other people live in Fort Collins and will be taking advantage of this  resource, so be a good person. Give your seat to the elderly woman standing, be polite around families, and make CSU shine. Don’t turn “riding the MAX” into “dealing with those obnoxious college kids.”

Remember not to leave this attitude on the bus, though. There are 14 MAX stops and each one should be treated with respect. Trash goes in the trashcan, being generally loud and obnoxious isn’t necessary, and exploring the nearby residences is uncalled for. It isn’t rocket science, it’s common courtesy.

Let’s feel fortunate that this innovative option is available for students and citizens alike. Don’t be careless: you represent the University and everyone here.