It’s been a pleasure, Rams

We’ll, it’s been quite a year. Many things have happened to our community, but we’ve come out on the other side a more cohesive, bonded campus.

We came together over the tragedy of the floods, and bonded to help those in need. We triumphed together when the Rams won the New Mexico Bowl. We cried when two freshmen committed suicide on campus. We looked out for each other as multiple sexual assaults plagued our campus.


Through it all, the Collegian has been there, looking to be the student voice. We, as the Editorial Board, have done our best to be there for you, CSU, and we hope that we’ve done you justice.

That being said, this is the last Our View the 2013-14 Editorial Board will publish. Next year, there will be new editors and new perspectives and new happenings to report on. And we are excited for that.

From the editors who are graduating or stepping down, we want to thank you for letting us be your voice. We want to thank you for allowing us the privilege of representing you.

And for next year, the Collegian looks forward to the challenges, triumphs, heartbreaks, and moments of unity that bring the Ram community together.

For those of us that will be elsewhere, it’s been a pleasure, and thanks for the ride.