Westboro Baptist Church coming to CSU

Westboro Baptist Church members from Topeka, K...
Westboro Baptist Church members from Topeka, Kansas protesting in front of RFK Stadium located in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently members of Westboro Baptist Church will be picketing CSU’s graduation this upcoming May. They have issued a press release indicating their intentions to make their dislike of CSU Rams apparent, and feel that graduation is the place to do this.

It seems absolutely ridiculous, and it is. Being present at a ceremony that is supposed to be a congratulatory celebration for people that have made it through four-plus years to earn a degree is low, and the fact that it hits so close to home is hard to swallow. But, there is a silver lining.


Let’s choose to take this as meaning that we’re doing something right. If CSU is diverse enough to get the attention of Westboro, we must be headed in the right direction, at least. Their anger and offense is coming out of good things that CSU is doing, so let’s be proud of that.

And, if you are a graduating senior, you certainly won’t forget your graduation. How many people can really say that their commencement was picketed by uber conservatives who are so closed-minded it makes the rest of us cringe?

Whatever we do, we cannot stoop down to their level. Just because they display ridiculous antics doesn’t mean that we have to retaliate with some of our own. Ignore them and don’t give them the satisfaction of getting a rise out of people, and they will go away. But, please don’t riot; that really wouldn’t end well.


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