Use your resources

Twenty-two percent of your general student fees go towards the CSU Health Network, which includes the Hartshorn medical center and counseling services. That is by far the largest percentage of fees that are allocated towards one area, and yet it is something that students don’t use as much as is needed.

This is the time of year when a lot of people get sick. And, for some reason, they find it necessary to not only continue to be sick, but go to class and infect everyone around them with sickness. Please, don’t be that person. If you’re not feeling well, don’t go to class; no one wants you there.


And, if you are sick, or are feeling unwell in any way, go in and see someone about it. You are already paying for the privilege to have easy access to a phenomenal health network, so use it. If you feel like you have a common cold, go in and make sure that it is indeed viral and not bacterial — something that can be cured with a simple round of antibiotics.

Feeling overwhelmed by finals week closing in on you? You are already paying for a counselor, and they would love to sit and talk to you. In fact, it’s what they get paid to do, so use our phenomenal program.

Or, feel like you might have a learning disparity of some kind? Resources for Disabled Students is more than willing to help you figure that out.

You have these resources at your fingertips, so use them.