Remember those we’ve lost

There is a memorial being held by the University Thursday night to honor those who have died over this academic year. This campus has undergone a number of losses, and it is more than fitting that we have a memorial to honor those who are no longer with us.

Even if you have never met those who died, we are all affected. Noticing the empty seat next to you in class, or just hearing about the news of a student or faculty member shows they impacted the Ram community as a whole. You don’t have to have known them personally to honor their lives and the memories that they have imprinted on CSU. You don’t have to have known them personally to respect them for the lives that they lived and the mark they left.


This is also an opportunity to offer help to those who are going through a mourning period and offer what condolences you can. It is always helpful to know that there are people supporting you, even total strangers, when you are mourning the loss of someone close to you. Let’s come together, as the Ram community, and let everyone know that they’re not alone.

Again, if you are struggling in your life, or are having a hard time dealing with the grief of someone close to you, don’t be afraid to pay those at the counseling center a visit. And, if you feel so inclined, go to this memorial service to know that you’re not alone, and we are all mourning those that are no longer with us. Let this be a show of honor, dignity and respect.