Remember Columbine

Sunday was 4/20, and there were plenty that were celebrating in a cannabis-related matter. Sunday also happened to be Easter, which had Christians smelling lilies and singing praises in church. But, Sunday also marked an anniversary that, for the most part, went unnoticed.

Fifteen years ago, there were two troubled teens who walked into Columbine High School and opened fire, killing 12 students and one teacher. It is labeled a “massacre,” and it has affected the community in unparalleled ways. There are people close to the tragedy who, 15 years later, have scars that still haven’t healed.


And somehow an anniversary of this magnitude got lost in the shuffle.

We understand that 4/20 is something that a lot of people celebrate in their own way. And Easter is absolutely a celebration of it’s own accord. But, there are things that have happened in the great state of Colorado that need remembrance as well, no matter how many other things are going on.

And, remembering is not the same as mourning; no one is asking for open grieving. But, somewhere between the weed and the lilies, we need to remember students that lost their lives and changed the way that we view school shootings forever. We need to remember, because those brave students deserve to be kept in our minds.

Let’s not forget those that lost their lives. They deserve at least a memory.