Jeopardy inspiration

There is a professor at CSU that has been on Jeopardy three times, which is incredible no matter who you are. It is so great to see CSU modeled by the academic prowess that we strive for and the fact that it is modeled by a faculty member just goes to show some of the great instructors that we have.

There aren’t many people that can say they’ve been taught by someone that’s been on Jeopardy — and twice over. This man is not only intelligent, but is willing to go on a game show and have fun with it. He is an inspiration for all of his students, and the rest of us at the University that aren’t in his area of studies — atmospheric sciences.


This just goes to show the quality of faculty that we have here on campus and the standard that we hold ourselves to. This is not only painting CSU in a great light, but is showing the rest of the nation the kind of inspirations that we have walking on campus. Who wouldn’t want a professor who can clear the board on obscure trivia?

We all know how great this place is, and people nationwide will be seeing it as well. Kudos to our faculty for showcasing what the Rams are made of. May all of us strive to be similar inspirations to others.