Don’t let the KKK come back

Allie Woeber
Allie Woeber

Sometimes it feels like we live in a world ruled by nothing but hatred. Of course, there are a lot of genuine people out there doing some really good things, but unfortunately the bad usually stands out over the good. In the last week, I have heard so much bad news, it’s disheartening. I was obviously disappointed to find out that the Westboro Baptist Church would be protesting at next month’s graduation, but perhaps even more shocking, was hearing that the KKK is attempting to make a serious comeback.

At first I thought it was just rumors; every so often you hear talk about “the rise of the Klan,” or a story about a white supremacist group disturbing the peace, but usually it’s nothing too serious and is forgotten within a matter of days. This time, however, seems different. Apparently, one of the most feared groups in the nation hasn’t disappeared completely.


A man by the name of Frazier Glenn Miller was recently charged for the murder of three people who he shot and killed last Tuesday at a Jewish community center in Kansas City. Miller is a prominent white supremacist and was the founder of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. He faced several previous criminal charges, including three years in federal prison, but he continues to commit these heinous hate crimes.

The worst part is, groups such as Miller’s are more widespread and numerous than many probably thought. They are devoted to white nationalism, and will go to extreme lengths to achieve it. Granted, their numbers aren’t nearly as high as what they were years ago, but lately many have set out to change this. One group in Arkansas has even gone as far as attempting to launch a radio show with round-the-clock coverage on Klan news and activity. In some places, they are putting up posters with a disturbing spin off of the traditional Abraham Lincoln sign. Instead of, “I want you for U.S. Army,” they say, “The KKK wants you,” in hope of recruiting people with common goals and mindsets.

I can’t even imagine how twisted you would have to be to promote this level of hatred. Who in their right mind would join one of these groups? I feel like we should be so far past this kind of thing by now. Look at the progress we’ve made in the last few decades; it’s time people get with the times and step down from their high horses (quite literally in the case of the KKK). I don’t understand people who believe that they are so much more superior than everyone else simply because of the color of their skin.

The other sick thing about this whole situation, is that these people actually believe that they’re doing this for the greater good. They have truly convinced themselves that God is leading them to do these things, and that this is what he wants. Whether you are a believer or not, you know that isn’t true; that’s far from what the Christian religion actually entails. Nowhere in the Bible have I read that God intends for anyone who isn’t white and Christian, to be violently attacked or killed. It infuriates me when people use their religion as an excuse to do whatever they want, and expect no repercussions.

Do these rising KKK groups actually think they are going to convince everyone that what they are doing is acceptable and commendable? I personally won’t be tuning in to their radio show any time soon. It’s time that these people learn to accept the fact that just because someone is different from you, it doesn’t make them bad or evil. Not everyone is going to look, and act, and think the exact same way you do, but that’s OK. You might not like or agree with certain things about other people, but that doesn’t give you the right to try to exterminate them.

Why do they care so much anyway? It’s not like someone who is gay or black is hurting them or affecting them in any way. I just find it so strange that they put so much time and effort into hating someone so passionately. But, even though this all seems really serious and scary right now, I’m crossing my fingers that it will blow over (as scares like this have in the past), and no one else will be hurt because of it.

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In Brief:

The Ku Klux Klan is unfortunately trying to make a comeback


Sadly racism and hate crimes aren’t just things of the past, and some people refuse to accept the fact that they aren’t actually superior to everyone else based solely on the color of their skin

It’s time people stop worrying about everyone else, and focus on themselves instead