Dedication in birthing horses

At 6 p.m., students in Foaling Management are just beginning their shifts. They will be on-call until 6 a.m. to report immediately if a horse starts giving birth, and will be in charge of making sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Most of us know that CSU has a great veterinary program, but we also have a tendency of losing sight of what that means. These students are in charge of making sure that life happens on their all-nighters, while most of us complain about papers and studying that we voluntarily put off until the last minute. This class and these students, and their dedication, contribute to how recognized our vet program is.


So the next time that we lose perspective about papers and exams and professors, remember that you could sacrifice your recreational time to go birth a horse.

We admire these students for learning things that most of us will never encounter, and we thank them for helping make our vet program what it is. Because of their hard work and dedication, this unique program can continue to thrive within our walls, and this University can be recognized for the great things that it does. There are many happy foals galloping around thanks to our fellow students.