The well-being of Rams

Fort Collins was named third in the nation when it comes to well-being. That means that out of a score of a hundred, we accrued 71.1 points on things like physical and mental health, access to necessities, and overall emotional state of the community.

And it’s easy to see why: with an incredible student community, plus the breathtaking views of the mountains and general sense of belonging, what do we really have to be unwell about? It’s great that people are noticing our community and seeing how well we are together, and how that affects the well-being of those who come to visit. There has to be something to CSU’s enrollment climbing steadily year after year.


The only caveat that we would like to see changed is that Boulder was ranked second in the nation. Unfortunately and much to our dismay, the Buffs are seen as more well than us, and that has to change. We need to smile brighter, be kinder, stop to smell the roses more often and show Boulder what it truly means to be well.

Continue taking care of yourselves and others, Rams. Others are taking notice, and happiness is contagious. Maybe, if we continue what we’re doing, the rest of the nation could learn a thing or two. Oh, and let’s be bolder to beat Boulder.