Letter to the Editor on Agnosticism debate

I’m writing in regards to Tuesday, March 4th’s opinion topic “Debate: is Agnosticism Worse than Atheism.” I have a few serious issues about the ways this topic was addressed. The first of which starts with the title, implying that one of these is “better” than the other. Whether or not your panel believes in any of these things, they still remain systems of belief that people hold for their own personal reasons. I find it hard to believe that you would print an article featuring ratings of any other systems of belief. Call me optimistic but I don’t think you would print an article labeled “Is Christianity better than Judaism.” Therefore, I find this review of widespread belief systems utterly appalling and morally despicable.

The other main issue that I had with this report is the utter lack of agnostic voice in the conversation. I understand that this is an opinion based section, and acknowledge that the contributors to the conversation don’t have to hold the same beliefs as I do, but I would at least think that in a debate about the merits of certain belief systems, that a fair paper would recognize a representative from each of those beliefs. This article left the belief of agnosticism completely slanted against and unrepresented.