Keep game cheering classy

The opportunity for fans to cheer at games is what provides the potential for the world of sports to be great.

Attending games gives students, parents and alumni a shot at escaping the hassles of everyday life and the option to lay your emotions on the line while your favorite team is out on the field or court competing.


However, there’s a responsibility that comes along with that right granted to us.

Cheering should be exactly that — a scream and shout of praise that should be used as encouragement to boost the athletes you’re pulling for. It should not be used as a force to belittle or break the spirits of an opposing team or player.

Recently, we’ve witnessed many fans who have used their privilege to make their voice heard used in the wrong way. Some fans have crossed the line at it’s time to set the record straight.

Last month Oklahoma guard Marcus Smart was slapped with a three-game suspension for shoving a Texas Tech fan after he allegedly suffered verbal abuse. Over the weekend, many Wyoming fans in the student section shouted racial slurs at CSU guards Daniel Bejarano and Joe De Ciman while they were out on the floor representing their school.

If you wouldn’t be willing to say it to their face, you shouldn’t shout demeaning things at athletes who are doing what they love.

Stay classy, CSU fans.