Use Wikimaps, bikers

 Wikimaps is a website that allows bikers to update the city’s biking plan, add bike paths on campus and can be used as a place for residents and students to sound off on where they would like to see bike paths. Fort Collins and CSU prides itself on being biker-friendly, and this would only contribute to that image. But, it won’t work unless people actually use it.

This can make things a lot safer for bikers, pedestrians and drivers alike. As drivers, it can be frustrating to deal with bikers that don’t follow the rules of the road, and bikers know how irritating it is to deal with drivers that cut into bike lanes and refuse to respect space that cyclists need. If the University and Fort Collins can get our input on what bikers need, then they can take proactive steps to address the problem of having too many bikes and not enough space.


As students, we need to invest in the future of our roads in transportation, and make our voice known on what we want the biking community of Fort Collins to look like. But if we don’t communicate our needs, the University will make decisions for us, which we all can admit needs to be improved upon. Get on the Wikimaps feature and tell them what you need; hopefully someone will listen.