Stop being unnecessarily lazy, CSU

Res Stecker
Res Stecker

The topic of today is laziness and the way that it makes people look, in a word, is pathetic. Everyone is entitled to take short cuts now and again; we all have days where we feel we are the sole target for the god of despair. But habitual laziness is something that is very unbecoming.

The first example of the ugliness of being afflicted with a case of indolence is when people use the handicap button in order to get through a door. Seriously, break out the arm muscles that haven’t seen you do a pushup in 6 months and grab hold of the handle and use some of that potential energy on the handle.


The handicap button is there for people that need to use it due to various unfortunate life circumstances. It is not there so that people who are too lethargic to use a bit of physical activity can just press every one you come across. Using the handicap button when you are not is sort of like being bald for the fun of it or using a wheelchair for the ease of movement. So if you have the physical ability to avoid it, stop pressing that button.

It looks absolutely ridiculous to wear sweats out on the town. Sitting in class, or down at a meal makes one’s workout and bed attire seem woefully inappropriate.

Again, everyone has one of those “sweats days” every once in a while, but on a regular basis if you look like slob, with the hair of a mop, and have  athletic shorts or “pink” on your derriere, than you may need to change your wake up routine. It simply looks pathetic when people go to university looking like they were having a slumber party. Suit and tie used to be the attire required for attending school, and while I think most people are happy that is not the case, it would not hurt to put in the extra effort to look like you want to, in the future, work in a place that doesn’t take meal orders. Dress for the job you want.

Laziness is a natural human quality, after all not even the Lord of Judaism could go 7 days without taking a siesta, but to consistently appear as if you have the motivational capacity of a sloth is something that you may want to work on changing. If you always feel tired, workout more, take vitamin supplements, or consult your physician that you’re now required to be able to pay for.

The listlessness and languor of lethargic living is simply something of habit. Actually, it is one of the few things that is under the control of an individual, while that may not seem like much help, everyone should take solace in it, because the fact is that alone, we all control very little.

It does not need to be said how stupid it looks when someone puts out their cigarette in the concrete gutters, or when someone takes up two parking spaces and how that is so incredibly irritating in the Z lots. Make no mention of the incredible act of lackluster effort that is seen when people turn in papers late and then beg for excuses, despite knowing it was due weeks or months in advance.

There is something to be said about waking up and looking good and prepared, not pressing unnecessary buttons, and taking life seriously, so pat yourself on whatever body part you find most becoming.

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In Brief:

There is no reason for perfectly able-bodied people to push a handicap button


Wearing sweats all the time does not make you look indifferent to the thoughts of others, it just makes you look like a slob

Being lazy just makes you less enjoyable in the game of life — shape up