Racial profiling is never OK, don’t stand for it

We pride ourselves on our Old Town bar scene here in Fort Collins. We like to drink, and we like having a variety of places in which to do one of our favorite activities. That being said, we expect our bars here to hold themselves accountable for creating a safe, inviting atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

Unfortunately, news has come out accusing places in Fort Collins of racial profiling, or turning away individuals of minority groups citing “dress code violations” while simultaneously permitting non-minority individuals wearing the same thing to enter. Our peers are being discriminated against based solely on the color of their skin, and we are not going to stand for it.


That kind of behavior is completely unacceptable, and this is not the kind of environment that we should be fostering here in FoCo. It’s 2014 now; the fact that we are still caught up on the color of people’s skin is not only disheartening, but eye-opening.

They need to feel pressured, and they need to know that they can’t just get away with this. If you, as the CSU community and the target audience for bars, have ever witnessed or been a victim of racial profiling here in the Fort Collins area, we invite you to tell us your story by emailing letters@collegian.com, so we can compile a record on Collegian.com of the issues you’ve faced.

We as the CSU student body need to take a stand against this. We’re not going stand for this kind of archaic behavior any longer.