Post-grad job market looking up

Apparently, our economy isn’t as doomed as we originally thought. Take heart, Rams, because right now 34 percent of CSU graduates are getting jobs in Fort Collins and 64 percent are getting jobs in Colorado.

Many of us entered college during a dark and tumultuous time in our economy, with unemployment skyrocketing and stocks dropping. But now, it seems as though things are looking up — college graduates are getting jobs, and at large companies such as Wells Fargo and Hewlett-Packard. Our chances of getting a job in our field of study after we walk across the stage are not as dismal as we were lead to believe.


These hiring statistics are not something that seemed to be as advertised as the unemployment ratings were, and so it is refreshing to see that our general overview of life post-graduation is not as dark and unknown as many of us have been led to believe.

College students work hard. We spent inordinate amounts of time studying for exams that can make or break our GPA, we spend hours staring at a computer screen desperately trying to string words together to make up an essay, all for a fancy piece of paper at the end.

It is refreshing to know that all of these hours and that fancy piece of paper will pay off.