No go, “BoCo”

Our long-standing rival, CU- Boulder, has been a visceral thorn in our side for, well, ever.

In their eternal quest to be more like Rams here at CSU, they have now taken to shortening Boulder, Colorado to “BoCo”. That sounds oddly similar to FoCo, right? The whole thing smells suspicious.


It doesn’t even make sense. Fort Collins has been abbreviated to FoCo because those are the beginning consonants and vowels in our official city name. Boulder’s beginning consonant and vowel are B and O, which say a lot for their general scent but otherwise don’t make sense for an abbreviation. If those of us here in Fort Collins, Colorado wanted to take that track, then we would have to be FoCoCo, which may be nice to say but is otherwise completely unnecessary.

FoCo is ingrained in our city’s history, you can’t take it away. It is ours.

Boulder needs to stick with their name and leave the art of abbreviation to those more civilized. Rams, don’t let “BoCo” take off, because that would only give them more hope that they can be like us.

Stick together, FoCo.