Get it together, CSU

By implementing bicycle repair stations all over campus, we have tried our best to emulate Stanford University’s top-of-the-line system. And yet our student body has taken it upon itself to vandalize or steal from almost all of them, costing the university thousands of dollars.

These stations are under-utilized and over-vandalized. We need to decide whether we want or need these stations, and then respect our community enough to keep them functional for each biker on our campus.


There are a ton of people in the Fort Collins area who use bicycles as their main form of transportation, and the University wanted to help them out. The repair stations were meant to be used by students so that they could do basic maintenance on their bikes, and yet they have been so vandalized and stolen from that students who actually would like to utilize them now cannot.

The University needs to take better care of investments, because the cost of inaction on this matter is too high. Either take action in protecting them, or get rid of them, but we can no longer afford to stand and do nothing.

Bottom line: it is never okay to take things that are not yours or destroy things that are meant to help others. This is why we can’t have nice things, CSU, and it needs to stop.