Fort Collins, jump on the weed wagon

It’s been almost two months since marijuana was legalized, and almost a year since we knew that it was coming. In that time, we would expect people, especially city officials, to be prepared for that.

Instead, Fort Collins has said nothing.


We have heard nothing on the perameters put on weed, and the fact that there is so much gray area is incredibly frustrating. While we’re waiting for a response, we have defaulted to Denver’s laws. This is fine in the meantime, but cannot be a solution for much longer.

When city officials are asked about weed, they simply say to wait, and they will talk about it in March. This is no longer an excuse- they’ve had time to prepare, and we would like to see some sort of leadership apart from silence.

We are not seeing brave leadership; we are seeing cowardice in their silence. Someone needs to make some kind of statement, someone needs to tell us what the story is on growing, selling, smoking. For example: where can we smoke? When can we smoke? Can we grow it, and if so, can we distribute it?

The public has questions, and it’s time for the city of Fort Collins to get us some answers. Because saying nothing, dodging questions, telling us to wait — that is not the kind of leadership that we want or need. Take some initiative and take a stand.