CSU: Why couples workshops?

CSU is offering a “couples workshop” –– you can pay $125 to attend the full series with your significant other and a certified therapist, or $45 to attend once, according to a University news release. If you’re relationship is on the rocks, CSU apparently wants to give you resources to fix it.

While we believe that this program was made with good intentions, we don’t think our college student population is a target audience for what basically amounts to couples counseling. As students and young adults, this is the time for self-discovery and learning who we are. And while it is certainly possible to find yourself while in a relationship, if that relationship is at the point where you feel you need counseling, it might be time to try being apart for a while.


This whole program seems out of place at the University –– it’s understandably uncomfortable watching CSU display an interest in the status of our relationships. There are individual counseling services that are available through student fees, and it would be great to see whatever money the University is spending on the workshop go toward helping students with more serious issues.

Fall semester reminded us that the University isn’t a stranger to campus suicides. While officials have already taken steps to prevent additional deaths, we would prefer to see them invest even more mental health resources in this effort instead of workshops over why your significant other sucks at communication.