NSA should back off our apps

Angry Birds
Angry Birds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re all pretty tired of having to hear about the NSA tracking our every move. It’s frustrating and for the most part unnecessary- most of us aren’t plotting terrorism in our infinite spare time.

But even though it’s frustrating and we don’t appreciate it very much, we have accepted a certain level of snooping. We understand that our internet usage is being tracked and it hasn’t been an issue because most of us don’t have plans to take down the United States.


But now they’ve honed in on our apps. Rest assured that every time you start playing Angry Birds, Big Brother is watching.

It’s time that the NSA justifies its means when it comes to what they choose to hack into on our own personal electronics. We don’t understand what they think they’re going to learn by tracking exactly how many giant green pigs we’ve killed with ridiculous birds; most of the apps that we open on a daily basis are used solely for entertainment value, and that has nothing at all towards the war on terrorism.

We feel that they people that make up the task force for hacking apps have better things to do with their time than check out the selfies that we send. It’s a waste of time, energy, and manpower. We have to draw the line somewhere, because this whole NSA business is getting more and more ridiculous.