With the snow starting to fall in earnest and the cold starting to settle in, everyone’s thoughts inevitably turn toward a snow day.

It makes sense. Colorado is usually starved for snow through the later half of the year and everyone is feeling completely stressed out from classes and the incoming exams.


But, it’s probably not going to happen.

We’re sorry to be downers, but CSU has never had a snow-day in the “all university business is cancelled” sense. We’ve had cancellations before, but almost always for the afternoon, and almost always when students’ physical safety has been compromised.

We all remember a few years ago when afternoon classes were canceled due to falling tree branches in the Oval. We all remember last spring when we had multiple cancellations due to extremely hazardous road conditions, which also coincidentally created a road hazard. And those were because the weather kept on snowing when it was allegedly going to peter out.

While there does seem to be some indication that today’s weather is going to stay snowy, let’s remember that this is Colorado and weather is always unpredictable and that could not be the case at all.

So you can hope as much as you want, but don’t be disappointed when Tony Frank doesn’t declare a closure. It probably isn’t going to happen.

But, if we’re wrong…