Let’s go bowling, CSU

The past half decade has been a miserable experience for CSU Rams fans. Coming into this season, our team had been the laughing stock of the Mountain West Conference, having only won 13 of our last 36 games and having multiple losing seasons in a row.

However, this season changed all of that. This is the first season that the Rams have had a winning season of seven wins and six losses.


A lot of credit goes to the efforts of head coach Jim McElwain, who came in a year ago to take over for Steve Fairchild. The difference between the two coaches is evident, and things have certainly changed for the better.

A lot of credit goes to individual players who have made this past season a lot of fun to watch. Garrett Grayson has had an amazing season, finishing the regular season match-ups with 3,327 yards for 21 touchdowns. Kapri Bibbs has also had a blockbuster start to his career at Colorado State with 1,572 yards and 28 touchdowns.

And all of that has payed off with an appearance at the New Mexico Bowl playing Washington State (6-6). It will be our first bowl game appearance since the last New Mexico Bowl under Fairchild, and hopefully our next bowl game victory.

Let’s go bowling Rammies, go CSU.