Bill O’Reilly needs to chill out about the Denver Post marijuana editor

English: Bill O'Reilly at a Hudson Union Socie...
English: Bill O’Reilly at a Hudson Union Society event in September 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bill O’Reilly is not happy with the Denver Post right now. He is upset because he believes that the Denver Post is “promoting” marijuana consumption by hiring a marijuana editor, and thereby promoting marijuana related DUI’s, the use of harder drugs like heroin and drug culture.

Needless to say, he missed the mark by quite a bit.


Hiring an editor to manage a group of reporters to cover an issue, such as marijuana, is not promoting marijuana use. Mr. O’Reilly is thinking of advertisers, lobbyists and public relations officials. Whether he likes it or not, marijuana has become a major policy issue in Colorado. Instead of treating it like an illegal drug, the state is instead choosing to treat it as a taxable commodity.

There are, therefore, a lot of policy issues that need to be considered by the voters of Colorado. For instance, where is it legal to smoke marijuana? What rate should it be taxed at? How is the state going to enforce the age restrictions surrounding marijuana? How will the state handle negotiations with federal law enforcement agencies that still treat it as an illegal drug?

These are all issues that people need to know about, and that necessitates the need for reporters to cover the issue. That’s why the Denver Post has sports editors, city editors, political editors, entertainment editors etc etc. That’s also why we have a Green Beat Reporter, fun fact.

So chill out, Bill, the Denver Post isn’t renaming itself “The Marijuana Post.”