Mission impossible: Schoolwork

According to the University, we are supposed to spend at least three hours on homework for every hour that we spend in class.

For those of you who are able to pull this off, we applaud you because this means that you are super-human.


According to our math, if you are taking 15 credit hours you have to spend at least 45 hours on homework. Taken together, this becomes 60 hours a week for schoolwork. Add to that the optimistic eight hours of sleep humans need every night, and you get 116 hours total in a 168 hour week. Doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Well, given that you only have the remaining 52 hours to go about other everyday activities (such as eating, driving, grocery shopping etc.), things will start to get tight fast. And heaven forbid you have a part-time job, which will consume at least 20-30 hours depending on the position.

The point is, saying that we should be spending three hours on homework for every hour we’re in class is over-optimistic at best.

It’s the point in the fall semester in which every class we have is trying to front-load as much as possible before the Thanksgiving recess. To say that the student body is stressed is an understatement.

But hang in there everyone, we’re only two weeks out from Thanksgiving.

We’ll have a chance to catch our breath soon enough.