Let’s keep each other safe

One of the most fundamental aspects of living on a college campus is that we are a community. We live in a shared environment and therefore we have a shared responsibility. Regardless of what subject we study, what organizations we join, or what we do in our free time, we are all individuals comprising something much larger than ourselves.

As members of the Colorado State community, it is important to have each other’s back. Regardless of all else, the safety of our friends and classmates is of the utmost importance, whether that be safety from crime, accidents or just bad luck.


There are a number of things that we can all do to make sure that everyone can be as safe as possible.

If you feel that you may be in a dangerous situation, call CSUPD. Their non-emergency line is (970) 491-6425. If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

Exercise caution at night. Walk in groups and be aware of what is happening around you. If you happen to be alone and feel uncomfortable, you call SafeWalk (970-491-1155) and they can send someone to walk with you. If you don’t feel like calling SafeWalk, call a friend.

We’re all here together. Let’s keep one another safe.