Build for accessibility, CSU

Construction is a constant fact of life at CSU. It seems that we cannot go a semester without finding some facet of the campus under construction.

However, as they expand current buildings and secure bids for future buildings, it seems that CSU has forgotten about one very important aspect of the buildings on campus: accessibility.


For example, a lot of the “open door” buttons that automatically open doors for those who need assistance do not work. It takes 60 hours to convert one textbook into an alternate form, such as a Read-to-Me or braille. Certain handrails on campus are unusable by students with cerebral palsy because they are non-standard.

For a lot of students, this is a question that can determine their entire experience here at CSU. If they can’t get into the buildings that their majors are housed in, then they cannot effectively take classes in that major.

This is an issue that the administration needs to address, preferably before they begin spending an untold amount of money on projects like the stadium. It’s a relatively small cost in comparison, and it would do wonders for students here that need access to buildings on campus.

This is a problem that needs to be solved.