Apps on the bus

If hell were to freeze over, it would undoubtedly resemble a cold, snowy and windy morning spent waiting for a bus that is late on exam day.

The bus is one of the most widely used modes of transportation for students, mainly because many of us live along bus routes and we don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to ride it. But it doesn’t help that the bus system in Fort Collins isn’t exactly the most reliable service out there, and it can be aggravating to be late for class or work due to a late bus.


Transfort is working to solve the situation with an app that will be able to help people find out if a bus is late or not. The app tracks buses in real time and also provides predictions on their arrival time at any given stop.

This is a good step.

Given that we are glued to our phones anyway — either because we are listening to music, checking our email or talking to people — it is something that we can easily check on our way to a stop. If we know that a bus is going to be late and we’re in a hurry, we’ll be better able to gage whether or not we should forego riding the bus.