Apocalypse Movember

The darkest day of the year has arrived and there is yet to be a light at the end of the tunnel. For all those who are out there in the field, fighting the good fight, the only words of comfort that we can offer are: just keep your head down and hold on, we are winning the fight. The weeks to come will try to wear you down, but you must stand strong.

We are, of course, talking about the calamity that has hit the campus known as “No-Shave November.” Seriously, whoever thought that this was a good idea was seriously mistaken.


In addition to causing no end of trouble for men, with the scraggly mats of itchy hair clinging to their chins, it also causes a terrible time for women as well, given that they have to look on in horror as hordes of cavemen invade the campus. While we are sure that there will be plenty of exemplary examples of face-related horticulture, for each and every one there will be a dozen bedraggled nets of scraggly fur.

And we’re only one week into this mustachioed madness. Thanksgiving cannot come fast enough.

However, we think that it is great that people are raising money for cancer with the event. For that, we applaud you.