Involve City Council, CSU

The devil is in the details and oftentimes hasty thinking and even hastier actions can lead to problems down the road.

We are starting to get the feeling that the CSU administration is starting to push things along too quickly with regards to the on-campus stadium. It seems to be getting to the point where it seems like they’re railroading the entire project through without regard for the process.


The Fort Collins City Council is starting to feel like they can’t provide any sort of meaningful input into the conversation, and are therefore unwilling to provide any. Regardless of CSU’s opinion on the City Council, they should probably at least make an attempt to bring Fort Collins’ elected officials into the discussion.

The stadium debate is a hotly contested issue outside of the campus, and there are a lot of people with opinions on the subject. Whether CSU wants to admit it or not, there is a city full of people that exist beyond campus. Some of them have good opinions on the subject and they do deserve to be heard.

City Council might also be able to provide some valuable details that might actually help the process as well, which could potentially help the university avoid any unfortunate problems later down the road during construction.

Just an idea, CSU.