The importance of international relations

The field of international relations is becoming more and more relevant to today’s society. No longer is spouting off facts about the world outside of the United States just a conversation starter, or something that you say to sound impressive and intelligent. The relationships between international powers is becoming more and more relevant to Americans, as issues relative to them become more entangled with the interests of powers abroad.

For instance, US involvement in Syria is becoming a very contentious issue amongst people that would otherwise not be interested in US relations. The debate going back and forth between our obligations as a world power and our desire to remain isolated from the world at large. It’s a debate that has not been this prominent since the Vietnam War. And we believe that this discussion is not only a very important discussion to be having, but that it should become much more so in the months ahead.


CSU seems to agree, especially given that they have brought on Andrea Williams as Director of International Relations in order to help establish links between the International Studies faculty, the students studying in the field and the Education Abroad office. It’s a positive step towards helping continue the discussion of international politics.