Our View on Cam’s Crew

ASCSU has started a new organization, dubbed Cam’s Crew. Cam’s Crew is made up of student volunteers, whose job will be to ensure that spectators at sporting events do not unnecessarily rowdy and disrespectful. Depending on the event in question, it’s not hard to see why Cam’s Crew was put together.

We can recall certain students flinging snowballs into the sidelines at football games. If it wasn’t that, it was chanting and yelling directed at the opposing side that created a hostile atmosphere for visiting fans. Or possibly one too many chants with a certain expletive and dirty hippies at a basketball game.


We can see why they would want to organize a group like this, is what we’re saying.

That being said, we should not be be reliant on Cam’s Crew to clean up our act. While it might not seem like it sometimes, we are completely capable of being responsibly rowdy. We don’t need a babysitter to take care of us during out football games, it’s not like we start rioting after every loss or win.

We, as Rams fans, are capable of accepting a degree of personal responsibility when we go out to the game on Saturday.

Let’s not disappoint.