Military intervention in Syria looking more likely

In an unprecedented turn of events, the Republican controlled House of Representatives is backing a decision made by President Barack Obama. Unfortunately, that decision happens to be on military intervention in Syria.

Military intervention in Syria is looking more and more likely, given that the Senate has proposed a resolution that would limit the intervention to 90 days, in accordance with the War Powers Act. This is a very big deal because this is the first time that Congress has approved (or looks like it will approve) military action by the executive branch since World War II.


Military action was not approved by Congress in Vietnam, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya.

Fortunately for a number of people in the armed services, the Senate is expressly forbidding ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria, meaning that Armed Forces Personnel will not be walking into the line of fire. For the moment, it looks like US involvement will be limited to bombardments from the sea, similar to what happened in Libya in 2011.

This isn’t a theoretical debate anymore. This story isn’t being framed in terms of “should we” or “shouldn’t we” anymore. The story has now shifted to “Will we” or “Won’t we.”

This is the Congress that’s been deadlocked on almost every single issue put before them because of the political differences between the president and the Majority party in the House.

And now they’re on the cusp of approving military action. We’re glad they agree on something, but, at the same time, we wish that it didn’t have to be a war they were agreeing on.