Our View: Bohemian Foundation funds should be focused on NewWest Fest

Once again, NewWestFest will be the welcome back to Fort Collins every student thoroughly enjoys. With the good food, fun booths and great music venues, it is hard to resist – it often even launches the careers for bands out of Fort Collins into fame.

While NewWestFest is fabulous and fun, it is not Bohemian Foundation’s only focus, but maybe it should be a larger focus for them than other things.


Don’t get us wrong, we are all for funding community programs and projects and making dreams come true, but when the foundation chooses to put forth $1 million for CSU campus improvements that are already over funded, it should be said the money should go toward NewWestFest.

Providing culture, music and fun to students and the Fort Collins community is a staple of NewWestFest, and is an extremely important part of the Fort Collins lifestyle.

Throughout the summer, the festivities live on through the weekly Bohemian Nights events in Old Town, providing a window into the true bohemian lifestyle. What resident doesn’t love to sway to the sounds of music that echo through the sunlit bricks of Old Town?

The efforts for Fort Collins life to be enriched with music and happiness is obvious, we just want to enhance it ever so much more by having funds pushed into it more than projects that are over-funded, or that take away from that Fort Collins lifestyle.

Keep the music coming — Fort Collins will respond positively to great opportunities for great music.

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