Game of Horns

RockyMountainShowdownIt’s Showdown time, Rammies. Our annual face-off against our arch-nemesis from the desolate, weed-smoke infested wasteland to the south.

In the past, we have not fared as well as we would like against the dirty Buffalo-loving hippies. Some years, it ends in an awfully embarrassing way.


But this year, we’re coming into the Showdown with heads held high as the reigning champions. Not only that, but our knights of green and gold are walking into Mile High Stadium with over 17,000 fans at their back, according to the last reported numbers. The golden horde will be greeted with a solid wall of green.

But there are still tickets left, fellow Ram fans. And there’s still time to buy them.

We hold the Centennial Cup. We own Folsom Field. We own Mile High. We are the better team coming to this game.

CU hasn’t had the best of luck over the last few years (admittedly, neither have we), but we still have a very good chance of repeating last year’s victory.

Regardless of the game’s outcome, the Rocky Mountain Showdown is a must-see event. It is something that is best experienced in the stands, and everyone should have attending a Showdown, live, as part of their CSU bucket-list.

Let’s go Rams!