Our View: Fort Collins is the happiest place on Earth

Recently Fort Collins was written up by the LA Times saying it might be the happiest place on Earth. We are here to confirm that rumor. First of all, the so called “happiest place on Earth” – Disneyland – modeled its Main Street, U.S.A. partially after Fort Collins’ Old Town.

If that doesn’t convince you enough, there are bikes, beers and beautiful scenes surrounding the city, along with 30 miles of paved biking trails and 20 miles of off-street hiking and biking trails. And this is all made possible by the average 300 days of sunshine that Colorado has to offer.


After all of that, if you are hungry, there are hundreds of restaurants to tingle your taste buds. And don’t forget that local beer to wash it all down with.

Unfortunately, in order to keep up all of these great amenities, Fort Collins has to be under construction, what seems like constantly. That includes road closures, the Midtown plan and of course, the CSU campus.

But it’s all worth it when you take a moment to appreciate this little slice of heaven we call home. So take a day, hike up Horsetooth and look out over the happiest place on Earth.