Drinking and driving is not an option

Fireworks, hot dogs and lots of beer. Although this sounds like a great Fourth of July celebration, drinking and driving is not an option.

Celebrating the country’s Independence Day is an all-American right of passage that can be fun without necessarily drinking.


There are so many other options rather than having a few beers and getting behind the wheel. Laying a blanket down, having a beer and relaxing with friends is fun. But make sure not to take that fun to the streets.

The Fourth is a time for families to come together, screaming children to run around and kids to decorate their bikes and cross the street without looking.

This is a recipe for disaster if drunk drivers are on the roads, especially since the number of police officers patrolling and running DUI checkpoints has increased dramatically.

Having fun on the Fourth isn’t hard and doesn’t have to require drinking. But if you do drink, remember to be responsible, not stupid.

Transfort is offering free shuttle service to City Park from the Downtown Transit Center and the Moby Arena lot. There are also car services and taxis available, some free for short trips.

And don’t forget the always faithful designated driver that you can buy a hot dog for in exchange for their services.