Giving back to strengthen character and community

Volunteers (Photo credit: vastateparksstaff)

With the economy and job market only barely improving, competition for positions upon graduation will be fierce, as is competition for internships even before you graduate.

A great way to give you a leg up on everybody with your resume and differentiate yourself from the swarms of college kids who have the same minimum wage credentials as you have, go volunteer your time somewhere.


There are lots of places listing where to volunteer in today’s paper, and there are many, many more places that would be happy to have some volunteers working for them.

Yes you’re working for “free,” but you’re gaining some great experience, or at least good resume padding, along the way.

Don’t like the structure of signing up to be a volunteer? Random acts of kindness are also great.

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, perhaps the evenings during the upcoming summer, even, a great way to spend your time is giving back to your community. Volunteers go a long way towards making this city and this state a great place to live.

Finding somewhere to volunteer sounds daunting, but just find some organizations in a field that interests you and go ahead and ask if they’d let you volunteer for anything.

The worst that’ll happen is you’ll be at the same place you started. At best, you can change some lives.