Congratulations, Mister President

The vote is in, the election is over and the Collegian Editorial Board extends its congratulations to Nigel Daniels and Andrew Olson, the next President and Vice-President of the Associated Students of Colorado State University.

The Daniels and Olson campaign was built around the message of “Bridging the Gap” between students and government, with promises to help create more tangible connections with student organizations, campus resources and the student body as a whole.


In addition to enhancing the community outreach, Daniels and Olson also pledge to expand and enhance services available to students, including creating an interactive means for students to keep an eye on how their fees are being spent and a more convenient way to look up course evaluations via RamWeb.

This upcoming year will be full of challenges for the pair, with CSU facing more tuition increases, more construction, special interest plans to implement a social host ordinance, while still suffering under the injustice of U+2. RamRide is facing possible privatization, and it will take strong leaders to secure te future of one of the most beloved programs of ASCSU.

The newly elected president and vice president are already planning to get to work, and we at the Collegian look forward to working with both in the fall.

Congratulations to Nigel Daniels and Andrew Olson, the new faces of CSU’s student body.