Suggestions for Spring Break

Bayley EnrightGuys, it’s here. Spring Break. We made it. We survived. And when I say we survived, I mean we survived our midterms, our papers, our being-stuck-inside-and-denied-the-beautiful-weather and also the freak snowstorm we didn’t expect that happened to take place on the day we could’ve been outside enjoying the sunshine and lack of freezing wind.

No bitterness there. Well, hopefully we survived. Some of us don’t have all our grades back, and so perhaps right now we’re just in a false sense of peace and security, and we’ll return from Spring Break thinking we can make it to finals, only to discover we didn’t even make it through midterms.


There’s a happy thought for break. But really, it’s all over. Now off you go to a wonderful vacation. Maybe you’re going to California? Hawaii? Florida? Or something other than the beach scene. Camping in Utah? Camping in … Canada? Is that a thing? Is Canada even a vacation thing? Or is Europe the more popular international Spring Break attraction?

Anyway, while many of you do have exciting travel plans, some of us … don’t. So if you’re like me (translation: poor) here are some ideas for what to do with your break.

Watch the Hobbit

The Hobbit comes out on DVD March 19. I see watching it as many times as it takes to commit the script to memory as a valuable use of your Spring Break. And if that only takes a day, then you have plenty of time left to quote it and reenact it. And then also just watch it again because, you know. It’s the Hobbit.

Head home

Go home and take advantage of free food. Enough said. After living on your own, you gain a whole new level of appreciation for free food. Thank you Mom, I’ll eat four servings of that non-Ramen dish. Hallelujah.


Zoo trip anyone? Just kidding. Doesn’t the zoo require you to like shower? You know, to go see the animals? If the day trip requires me to change out of my pajamas, it’s not happening. Because Spring Break is about pajamas. So that rules out everything but Walmart.


Homework? After all, a lot of us were given Spring Break homework. That’s the way of things. Because, you know, that’s exactly what we all want to be doing with our break of no class – preparing for future classes. Writing papers, reading five million books and articles (slight exaggeration – but only slight) writing more papers etc. etc. But just think how much more prepared we will all be for class when we get back. You know, if we had the motivation.



Sleep in. And stay up late. Because you know what, it’s Spring Break, do what you will, or what you won’t, but screw up your sleeping schedule. That’s what vacation is all about.