Too dumb for guns? HB13-1226 bans concealed carry on campuses

Photo of Colorado Rep. Levy
Photo of Colorado Rep. Levy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Monday the Colorado House passed four gun control bills. Among them is HB13-1226, a bill that would ban concealed weapons on college campuses.

“There are a lot of students who simply are not ready to be in the presence of firearms,” the bill’s sponsor, Boulder Rep. Claire Levy, said in an interview with the Denver Post. “It’s a dangerous mix.”


HB13-1226 was rushed through the House in the wake of national tragedies with absolutely no precedent justifying it and without nearly enough student input on the matter, premised on the overly simplistic, fallacious notion that college students can’t be trusted with guns.

Given that you have to be 21 to even obtain a concealed carry permit whereas the second men turn 18 they have to sign up for selective service — registering themselves to be called up at any moment to have a rifle thrust into their hand and be sent off to die for their country — this hardly seems adequate justification for banning concealed weapons from campuses.

This fact is only magnified when you take into consideration our university’s thriving ROTC programs, which have commissioned thousands of officers for the military — relentlessly training them in weaponry — and CSU’s large student veteran population, who will be arbitrarily denied the very rights they fought for should the bill pass the Senate.

As one of the only universities in America that allows concealed weapons on campus, our student input should have been paramount in their decision making process — but it feels like we weren’t even consulted. House Democrats saw their chance to push through their agenda and they took it, passing a bill that ultimately will do nothing more than deny law abiding adults their ability to protect themselves at CSU while doing nothing to increase the safety of our campus.