RamRide has broken our trust

“We are entrusting a lot in our volunteers and we cannot be aware of where our drivers are at all times,” said RamRide Director Chelsey Green.

If that is the case, then ASCSU needs to take a very serious look as to what goes on at RamRide. Conceived as a guilt-free way for students to go out, party, and return home safe, RamRide has had its fair share of problems in the past.


But the trust and forgiveness afforded to the most visible ASCSU organization has finally been shattered.

We put our trust in the volunteers at RamRide. We trust that they will get us home safe when we are incapable of doing so ourselves. We are trusting them not to speed, not to be drunk, not to be driving recklessly or indulging in any illicit substances. That’s what we expect of RamRide.

Those are the stakes. If RamRide volunteers are not willing to take the trust of the student body seriously, then we have no reason to ever call them again — which would truly be a shame.

Nobody was hurt early Friday morning, which might be the silver lining in this whole mess, but RamRide needs to take a long hard look at who they let volunteer and what can be done to prevent future transgressions.