Committing to community journalism

Greg MeesBeing a reflection of the student population we represent and are staffed by, CSU students. Every semester, we at the Collegian are constantly seeking ways to be innovative and reinvent ourselves, learning and growing both as individuals and collectively as an organization that is here to serve you, our reader.

After spending the fall semester on the east coast working as a designer for The Boston Globe, I’m excited to be back at CSU to finish my degree and serve as the Editor in Chief of this publication, spearheading the next chapter in the history of this 121-year-old CSU campus staple.


This semester you’ll see some changes in these pages –– the most noticeable coming Friday when the paper will become half its normal size and turn into a new and improved weekender edition.

Yes, the weekender is nothing new, but the new look we’re going for will give off a more student-centric vibe and through the complete redesign I’m hoping it brings more stories and entertainment to your fingertips.

This semester I hope that we not only bring you a guide to weekend entertainment, but also give you the news that is essential to you as students on this campus.

We will be continuing to follow the construction on campus and keep you up to speed on everything that is happening with the Lory Student Center reconstruction. Turn to our pages or visit for updates on when and where construction may start affecting your daily life on campus.

I also understand that we do not live in a bubble called CSU and therefore we will be covering as much Fort Collins news that we can. I’m committed to making sure that if your life will be affected, you’ll see the story from us — whether that means something in the city, state or even national stories.

Some of the news stories that we will cover this semester might start a deeper conversation. It’s because of this that it is my goal to open up page four, and, in Tuesday’s paper, page five, for commentary and conversation, engaging with and sharing the collective voice of the student community.

CSU’s student voice is usually belting when it comes to athletics. Our sports staff will be following the CSU basketball teams through the rest of their season, providing previews, coverage and features of our teams and best players. As basketball season comes to a close we’ll continue to cover all of CSU’s other great Division-1 sports teams, and stories from our numerous club sports teams as well.

And on top of all of that, we have a staff of photographers and designers that are excited to capture moments and break down information so that it’s easier and quicker for you to understand, building a look, style and feel that is distinctly representative of this campus and university.

So, I’m making a commitment to you. I’m committing to serve as a platform for the voice of students at Colorado State University. I’m committing to share stories from CSU and Fort Collins that you, as readers, deserve.

I have an amazingly talented team of editors, reporters, photographers and designers that are passionate and ready to share CSU’s stories with you. I hope that you’ll engage with us and let us know when you’re happy, angry, entertained or down-right pissed off.