The Dairy Queen on College Avenue should stay open year round

If you’ve been up to the mountains to ski or snowboard this season, you’ve seen that our pitiful amount of snowfall seems to indicate that these these next few months will be as barren as they were in 2011, which many contend is just another piece of evidence that global warming is increasing temperatures around the world.

As temperatures seem to rise year after year, however, there is one inexcusable event that happens every winter: the Dairy Queen on College Avenue and Stuart Street closes for nearly half the year.


Maybe the managers of this establishment don’t realize how crucial their frozen, sugar-infused dairy products are for its local population, but we firmly believe we can speak for all CSU students when we say that we love ice cream all year –– not just when it’s “seasonable.”

Sure, we could just drive over to the Dairy Queen on Mulberry Street or the Foothills Mall, but the whole point of having a Dairy Queen pit stop on College Avenue is for local students to have easy access to it. This is America. We shouldn’t have to drive across town to enjoy a tasty frozen treat just because this singular Dairy Queen has decided it’s not worth it to remain open year round.

We’ve long since developed the technology necessary to combat winter weather, so much so that you’re literally sweating from the heat in many indoor locations — exactly when ice cream would come in handy.

Our modern world is full of many wonders; with the Red Bull Stratos, we sent a man on a mission to the edge of space to participate in a supersonic freefall back to earth. With such amazing advances, you’d think we’d have figured out a way for the Dairy Queen on College to remain open throughout the year by now.