Veterans day isn’t just for remembering those who have already served

This weekend, the Veterans Day 5K was held in the Oval in memory of a former CSU employee who was killed in Iraq in 2005 and to remember and honor those that have served this country. America is still mired in military conflict, with Afghanistan now being the longest running conflict that America has ever seen.

In the news, foreign policy is discussed far too often without mentioning the veterans who do democracy and freedom’s leg work. How many times during the past few months have we heard discussion about going to war with Iran, while our soldiers still fighting and dying in Afghanistan often don’t even get a mention, let alone a thank you?


We must not forget that America is at war, and will continue to be until we see the end of the War on Terror, which by all indications will not have a definitive end. We must be hesitant to send our warriors into combat when they have already stepped up time and again, putting their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and national interests.

Thank a veteran. Not just for a day, week or month, but give thanks every single day you’re able to live and thrive in this country, which is only possible with the determination and sacrifice of our true American heroes.