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Be the 5 percent that fixes the system: Vote Gary Johnson

Our political system is broken. America is increasingly a heightened police state in perpetual war, we’ll continue to borrow and spend money in a way that is completely unsustainable whether Republicans or Democrats are elected.

I’m voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president. I’m voting for Johnson to fix our political system and end the tyranny of the two party binopoly.


Anybody who says voting for Johnson is wasting his or her vote couldn’t be more wrong. No, Johnson is not going to win the presidency; voting for Johnson will accomplish something much bigger than that.

If Gary Johnson receives 5 percent of the popular vote, then in the next presidential campaign the Libertarian party will receive equal access to federal funding and easier access onto all 50 states’ ballots. Each state enacts unique requirements to appear on the ballot, requiring them to gather tons of signatures, follow many convoluted procedures and pay steep filing fees.

Luckily Republicans and Democrats are automatically included on all of the ballots, so they don’t have to deal with the nuisance of hurtling these bureaucratic booby traps.

With federal funding, the Libertarian party will have millions to campaign with next election cycle, enough to spread his message far enough to poll at the 15 percent needed to enter the national presidential debates.

Once on that stage, the American people will have a fundamental alternative to Republicans and Democrats — which this election has made glaringly apparent that there’s very little substantive difference between Romney and Obama.

Obama has virtually ignored the War Powers Resolution during his intervention in Libya and other conflicts around the globe — Romney has indicated he’ll lead along the same lines.

Gary Johnson offers a stark alternative: always abiding by the War Powers Resolution, decreasing our military presence and global interventionism and not bombing Iran — how radical.

While both Obama and Romney plan to increase defense spending, Gary Johnson is advocating getting out of Afghanistan tomorrow, cutting defense spending by 43 percent and, more importantly, decreasing our military presence abroad with commonsense measures such as bringing home our thousands of troops stationed in places like Europe.

In regards to our global, neverending War on Terror, Romney and Obama are identical in supporting infractions against American citizens’ civil liberties in the name of security, supporting the Patriot Act, unmanned domestic drones, the FISA Amendments and more government surveillance and control of the Internet.


Gary Johnson will repeal the Patriot Act and correct the overreach of federal power in response to 9/11, end the use of domestic drones at home, actively promotes the cause of Internet freedom and opposes these bills and others like it that seek to enable more government surveillance and control.

Gary Johnson is an avowed enemy of the signing of the 2012 NDAA, which both Obama and Romney support, in which Obama sought to legalize the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge or trial.

While Obama and Romney both plan to continue to raid, prosecute, and imprison millions with a continuation of America’s drug war, Gary Johnson is proposing to end the War on Drugs now, to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana now — he’s the only presidential candidate advocating for Colorado’s Amendment 64.

Instead of just offering lip service to equality and gay rights, Johnson believes that marriage equality is a constitutionally guaranteed right and should legislatively and judicially be established as such at the federal level. This is more than pandering for the vote of a specific demographic — it’s substantively fighting for equality.

Johnson’s leadership ability is unquestionable, taking his one-man handyman business and turned it into the largest construction company in New Mexico. As a two-term governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson has served more years in executive office than Obama, Biden, Romney, and Ryan combined.

Gary Johnson vetoed hundreds of bills while governor, leaving the state with a billion-dollar surplus when he left office from cutting so much spending, yet was still able to leave New Mexico with improved infrastructure, better schools and more cost efficient healthcare.

He sounds like the perfect candidate. Gary Johnson is providing solutions to problems the two main parties are desperately trying to ignore.

The Republicans’ and Democrats’ binopoly is 5 percent away from being revealed for the corrupt, tyrannical, false dichotomy that it truly is.

Those of you seeking to change the system will never accomplish it by voting for a Republican or Democrat.

They already own the system. They’re the ones who’ve ruined it. They’re not going to fix it.

When then do we stop voting for them? Will we ever? Are we just going to lay down and accept this broken, corrupt, partisan system that we’ve inherited?

We are the next generation. It is about time we started acting like it.The time to break the two party stranglehold is now.

I will not vote for continued spending and borrowing, bailouts and subsidies of the two main parties subservient to corporate interests. I do not consent to unending global intervention and continuing the drug war and living in a heightened police state.

I don’t want to vote for Obama or Romney because in three years I don’t want to be protesting against the man I helped elect into office.

Our political system is broken. We can fix it with five percent of the vote; let’s get these issues in the national dialogue. They want to keep us out of the conversation, but the cause of liberty is not going away.

I’m voting for Gary Johnson this election. I’m voting to fix the system.


To follow live coverage of the election, go here. 

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