The mid-semester crisis: Fight it off with some extra Halloween fun

I had a feeling it was true, and my suspicions were confirmed when I saw a status on my newsfeed last night that read “That point in the semester.” Don’t we know it.

We are stuck again at that awkward point between summer and Thanksgiving “break” (where we usually have tests and essays to do over the week anyways) when we all start dying and turning into zombies.


It’s that point where exams and essays begin to overwhelm us and apathy kicks in. Not to mention the fact that we are swarmed in phone calls, commercials and people on campus pushing politics on us multiple times a day.

I like to call it the mid-semester crisis. Where we all start to go a little crazy and put off homework, skip a few more classes here and there — you know the deal.

However, keep your heads up Rams because there’s only 12 days until the election is over, 21 days until Thanksgiving break and 49 till the last day of finals (which you’re probably done before). The light at the end of the tunnel is coming!

So how do we push through? How do we keep our motivation and sanity for these last few months before we turn into The Walking Dead ourselves?

Lucky for us, Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year. I know, it seems horrible that it doesn’t fall on a Friday or Saturday, but I believe we can make it work to our advantage.

I’ve heard some discussion in class and around campus lately on whether or not to dress up the weekend before or after. The pre-Halloween party side states that we should dress up and party the weekend before, because it’s still October and the next weekend will be November, so that’s “weird”. The post-Halloween side states that the weekend before doesn’t “feel right” and because it falls on a Wednesday we should go out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Halloween week.

It’s getting quite confusing, and I say we just do both.

I say we deserve it at this point in the semester. We’ve worked hard, we’ve survived midterms and now it’s time to celebrate. Raid your closets and the local thrift stores, and get ready for the biggest, longest Halloween party you’ve ever had. If my math is correct (I got a D in MATH 130 so don’t hold me to it), we have six available nights of Halloween this year.

Fox 31 Denver recently reported that, “Despite earlier findings that binge drinking in this age group is linked to academic stresses, personal risks or alcoholism, the study has now found that it’s the happier kids that are drawn to heavy drinking.”

I believe with the two opposing sides of when to party this year for Halloween, this is one election we can come to a compromise on. Being in costume lets us be someone we are not for a night, lets us get out of our student skin and turn into zombies, or nurses or whatever. And studies show that those who indulge from time to time in college are happier — so lets dress up, get weird and go all out.


Forget about school for the weekend, or at least until Sunday. Don’t party too hard on Wednesday and Thursday as a hangover on campus is one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced. But nonetheless, lets get it all out of our systems and fight off the mid-semester crisis.

I promise you, come Nov. 5th (or maybe 6th depending on how far you took it) you’ll be ready to get back to school and never want to drink again. At least until the next Friday, of course.

If you don’t enjoy alcohol though, there’s always other things. Like yoga. Or reading. Or meditating. Or something like that, right?

Copy Editor Lauren Stieritz is a senior communication studies major. Her columns appear Fridays in the Collegian. She can be reached at or on Twitter @laurenstieritz.