Sunshine Ramfan: The Crisis

Go Rams! This weekend we actually saw our stalwart Ram team tear the enemy’s line asunder — unfortunately the stands were relatively empty of students celebrating their team’s success.

What is the reason for such poor attendance? Was it just because it was cold out? Is it because they stop selling beer a few minutes into the third quarter (Probably)? Usually, when you ask students that never attend why, a common response is because we never win, but we actually won this weekend and what support we had left before the end of the game.


There are plenty of football programs across the country that have terrible teams and their fans still support them. Some of this can be attributed to a stronger football culture, but for the most part students show up in because they’re supporting the people, not the record.

We’ve got to stop being fair weather fans. Our teams will perform much better if they have a loud and rowdy crowd to support them — win or lose. Yes we haven’t won many games, but we sure beat CU and had a great performance against Hawai’i.

Our football team came through on their part and won us a game. We fans let them down by not supporting them. As Thomas Paine wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls,” but being a true loyal supporter means fighting for your side, no matter the circumstances.